The easy way to license what you need

“I want an easy way to license the cloud services and software that I need.”

The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is the easy way to buy all the cloud services and on-premises software that you need. With the MPSA, you can choose whether to deploy on-premises or in the cloud, or to create a hybrid environment—whatever works best for your organization. You can quickly provision cloud services such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Intune, or Dynamics CRM Online and save time and money with per user licensing offers, including the Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS), which will be available in September 2015. Recommended for midsize to large organizations, the MPSA makes it easy to license what you need.

“I need to get up and running quickly, with options that fit my organization.”

The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement gives you more purchasing options that get you going quickly. MPSA is fast and flexible. You can move from agreement to use within hours, easily adding any number of users and services at any time. Starting September 1, you’ll also be able to subscribe to many of the most popular Microsoft cloud services for one-, two-, and three-year durations, giving you budget predictability, and, available today, pay-as-you-go with Azure. With MPSA Purchasing Accounts, you can define how you want to purchase (by affiliate, division, department, or any other group that you define in your organization), and you can combine commercial, academic, and government Purchasing Accounts under one agreement. With the MPSA, you are in control.

“I want pricing that reflects how much I buy.”

The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement allows you to optimize your pricing by consolidating purchases in one simplified volume licensing agreement. Points are combined across Purchasing Accounts to provide the maximum discount available based on the combined purchase volume. With the MPSA, you can also benefit from price protection and budget predictability with multiyear subscriptions, and because the price is established up front, subsequent purchases will never cost you more than your first purchase did. The MPSA also enables you to easily manage and track everything you buy, including Software Assurance benefits, all in one place: the intuitive Microsoft Volume Licensing Center. Here, you can self-provision cloud services when you need them, download software, access your Volume License Keys, view your MSDN subscription details, and efficiently manage and use your Software Assurance benefits.

Is the MPSA right for your organization?

The MPSA is currently available in most countries/regions*. This agreement is recommended for commercial, government, healthcare, and academic organizations that want to buy cloud services or software without a requirement to buy licenses for everyone in the organization.

*Currently the MPSA is available in Africa, most of Asia, Australia, Canada, European Union (EU) countries, European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries, Japan, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States.