Becton Dickinson’s partnership with Microsoft to improve patient care
Becton Dickinson’s partnership with Microsoft to improve patient care
  • Microsoft Digital Advisory Services
  • To succeed in the Digital Era, organizations turn to Microsoft Digital Advisory Services. Our Digital Advisors partner with you to drive a program of change to build the digital business, empowering you to reach your digital aspirations.
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  • Our approach
  • Book of dreams
    If your organization is ready to set out on its digital journey, Microsoft Digital Advisory Services can help you create an aspirational plan that formalizes a digital vision—your Book of Dreams.
  • Digital dream team
    Digital Advisors work with your organization to identify new opportunities, creating and refining scenarios and associated customer and employee experiences. To address digital hotspots, they assemble and work with your organization’s digital transformation team—your Digital Dream Team.
  • Digital dream factory
    As your organization reimagines the experiences it offers, Digital Advisors help the transformation team develop a roadmap that becomes the starting point for your organization’s digital innovation lab—your Digital Dream Factory.
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Digital is business

In the Digital Era, if you transform, you succeed. Microsoft Digital Advisory Services can get you started on your digital journey.
Engage Your Customers icon
Engage your customers
In the Digital Era, you compete for the trust and limited attention of your customers. You gain insight into customers' habits and preferences, enabling actionable customer segmentation, more informed interactions, and new opportunities for targeted product offerings and cross-selling. You create apps that provide relevant, personalized, and seamless experiences, regardless of how and when your customer interacts with you.
Optimize Your Operations icon
Optimize your operations
Once you are a digital business, you start to use data and software to optimize your supply chain, enable near-instantaneous direct-to-consumer fulfillment, adjust pricing in real time, optimize logistics, and lower overhead. You reduce errors by using sensors, drones, and other technologies that connect the physical and the digital.
Empower your employees icon
Empower your employees
You recruit and retain digital-savvy employees that use information to positively impact individual, team, and company performance. You sense, collect, organize, maintain, and process data so that employees can lead innovation, make informed decisions, and design business processes. You use technology to create seamless employee experiences for HR, procurement, and other internal interaction workflows. Most importantly, you change the way people work so that your digital transformation advantages can be realized.
Transform Your Products icon
Transform your products
As a digital organization, you create new revenue streams that would have been unimaginable years ago. You stay ahead of your digital native competitors by using your assets—your physical presence and breadth of operations—as an advantage as you capture the value of the Digital Era.
Team members leveraging technology devices and software to design a product.
Transformation requires a new mindset
For the first time in many decades, technology has outpaced the evolution of business processes. In the past, manufacturing and operations were linear processes. Organizations focused on the customer at the end of the sales cycle. They lacked the ability to center the entire manufacturing process around the customer and support an ongoing relationship. Now, the proliferation of the cloud and big data has freed manufacturers to recast their processes and produce smart, continually connected products that deliver real value and strengthen customer engagement.