What’s the Future of Tech?

Understand valuable insights on innovation drivers from Microsoft Services Chief Technology Officer, Norm Judah. In this video, Norm discusses technology innovations and their impact on our personal and professional lives with Lex Thomas, Taste of Premier Host.

  • Swift changes in technology, such as Surface Hub, are enabling group collaboration and increasing office productivity.

  • The cloud is driving a new wave of innovation through IOT and Machine Learning which changes the role of data, storage, cloud computing and identity and security policies.

Enterprise IT Trends

Business and IT leaders are using technologies driven by today’s IT megatrends to outpace change and the competition. Microsoft Services helps you cut through the hype, understand today’s IT industry changes, and use emerging technologies to your advantage.

IT Trends – Big Data

Big Data

Business enterprises like yours can generate, capture, and procure large amounts of information from multiple sources and use it to gain business insight, support business processes, make customer improvements and generate profit. This new capability, commonly referred to as "big data" or “insights” is one of the business IT Trends that can help your corporate teams navigate tactical and strategic business issues.

IT Trends – Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

In the last few years, cloud computing has evolved from a buzzword to a critical infrastructure component of many enterprise and consumer services. The cloud provides virtually limitless compute, storage, and network resources at low cost, allowing services to scale on demand.

IT Trends – Consumerization of IT

Consumerization of IT

Historically, IT departments procured and managed computing devices for their employees. As mobile computing devices have evolved from laptops to smartphones to tablets that can go anywhere, IT departments are facing the new IT trend of personal devices with which employees want to access and interact with corporate data.

IT Trends – Innovation for Growth

Innovation for Growth

We have always identified with the way “outsiders” and maverick designers think about the world and its inhabitants. We admire how they solve problems and see new opportunities through creating innovative experiences, products, and services that make a deep connection by putting people and culture at the center of a design. In many cases, it can be said that the more you build solutions in this spirit, the higher the probability that they’ll be a sustainable success.

IT Trends – Mobility


Recent technological advances in location sensing, storage, mobile computing power, network connectivity, and cloud computing infrastructures are enabling new user experiences that impact traditional views of computer systems design.

IT Trends – Optimizing Costs

Optimizing Costs

Microsoft recognizes the challenges that data center managers, industry operators, and IT businesses face today as they struggle to support their businesses in the face of budget cuts, the uncertainty about the future and/or their interest to proactively drive digital transformation that supports business objectives.

IT Trends – Platforms


Four of the biggest factors influencing demand for modern apps are the increasing number of people connecting to the Internet, the number of devices being used to display and track data, the exponential increase in data volume, and the variety of data from new data types.

IT Trends – Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Social has clearly rewired the way we communicate in our personal lives and it can do the same for businesses. Leveraging a social enterprise plan will integrate your communication tools, internal teams all while leveraging customer insights.