Driven by an explosion in new device types and ubiquitous connectivity, mobility is redefining how people use technology in every aspect of their lives. It’s also redefining the technology experiences they expect from businesses—both as employees (or more broadly, in their professional interactions) and as customers. On the business side, mobility empowers users to keep the business moving from anywhere. On the customer side, today’s consumers want and, in some cases, expect to be able to interact with businesses through a rich mobile experience—the kind of experience that will keep them coming back for more. In both of these aspects, mobility is becoming a competitive differentiator.

Embracing mobility will help you streamline workflows and cut down on the time it takes to deliver end value. The emerging trends and technologies will allow you to rethink the opportunities in deskless work scenarios, engage customers more deeply, and gain competitive advantage.

Customer story

Mobile campus

Seton Hall University students stay connected and on the go, and faculty communicate and collaborate using Windows 8 mobile devices. This approach improves the university’s network security, simplifies IT management, and equips students with mobile devices and software that work for them now and prepare them for the future.

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Provide access, familiarity, and freedom with mobile, integrated, and secure applications and information.

How do your teams communicate, and what is it costing you? If your millennials rely on social and texting, your gen-Xers are e-mailing, and your baby boomers like face to face, how do you get them on the same proverbial page and keep your data secure and your costs down? Microsoft Services can help you evaluate your business and pick the right solutions that will reduce complexity and cost in how your people and your IT systems work. The time your people will save using Microsoft tools such as Yammer, Office 365, Lync, and SharePoint provides significant value to your business and is compounded by lower IT deployment and maintenance costs.

To attract new customers and retain the ones you have, you need ways to boost sales and customer satisfaction. Microsoft Services Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and CRM Online solutions help you automate the business processes that deliver world-class customer care experiences and improve your sales and marketing impact. You can build business capabilities such as loyalty management, customer care, and social media integration through systems that are easy to use and provide business insights that can give you a competitive edge.

Protecting your business and IT assets is more critical than ever. Cloud computing, mobility, social networking, and growing volumes of information are driving constant change in the IT landscape and the way we all do business. Microsoft Services can help you protect your business against increasingly sophisticated threats.

Innovate on the Microsoft platform to create the mobile experiences that delight your customers and keep your people and your business agile and competitive.

The world of work is changing, and your employees want flexibility in where and when they work and in what devices they use. But providing convenient and safe access to meaningful corporate information on personal or multiple devices requires new approaches in how you manage security and maintain consistency and compatibility across device platforms and line-of-business applications. Microsoft Services helps you use new technologies and innovations driven by IT trends such as the consumerization of IT (CoIT) and bring your own device (BYOD). Our solutions can help you envision the experience you want for your employees and customers and build the apps and deploy the infrastructure that will meet the needs of your business and offer the best possible return on investment.

Your organization has a tremendous opportunity to make information more easily accessible to customers, employees, or others you choose, along with the ability to provide that data on any device, at any time, through modern applications connected to cloud services. Microsoft Services can help you develop modern applications and modernize legacy applications to capitalize on IT paradigms, including cloud, social, mobility, and big data.

With the help of Microsoft Services Premier Support for Developers, you can accelerate and streamline your software development cycle. By working side by side with experts from Microsoft and engaging in training programs, workshops, and labs, we will help your people enhance their skills, develop with Microsoft standards and recommended practices in mind, and create more successful and effective applications.


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Recent technological advances in location sensing, storage, mobile computing power, network connectivity, and cloud computing infrastructures enable new user experiences that impact traditional views of computer systems design.

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From managing paperwork to managing inventory, efficiency at all levels of business has an effect on the bottom line.

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