Drive business outcomes with modern applications
Connected Customer ExperienceReach your audience securely and increase operational excellence with powerful user experiences on any device, providing them with the information they need when they need it. More

Drive Operational ExcellenceWhether it’s new business generation or operational excellence, use the power of IoT to connect the systems you already have. More

Enable Business InnovationReach new markets and customers with a modern platform that supports today’s business objectives and latest technologies.More

AppsBuild and deploy a mission-critical line-of-business application for Android, iOS, and Windows that makes the most of the cloud, supporting integration with your existing backend systems and providing key application telemetry to help you and your employees be more productive. Customer Case Study: Real Madrid
WebQuickly develop and deploy a responsive website that reaches your customers on any device without needing to architect a complicated, scalable solution that supports worldwide customer demand. Customer Case Study: Heineken
MediaDevelop a plan for a live-streaming or video-on-demand cloud service for your Enterprise Digital Media needs, including media processing, content management and discovery, and media player. Customer Case Study: NGSN
Internet of Things “IoT”Connect your devices to the cloud for more effective usage insights and to provide new services and revenue streams on existing devices. Start with a short 5-week engagement to visualize the power of IoT quickly. Customer Case Study: Rockwell
ModernizationEnable more business innovation by modernizing your legacy applications and platform so they can connect and interoperate with modern applications and mobile devices and reach more customers, increase margins and reduce operational costs. Customer Case Study: Callaway Golf