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Premier Mission Critical Support

With Microsoft Services Premier Mission Critical (PMC) your business receives Microsoft’s advanced level of service and support that aligns with your business objectives and helps you extract more value out of your mission critical solutions built on Microsoft technologies.

Your value

Premier Mission Critical is focused on maximizing uptime, optimizing performance and lowering the total cost of your mission critical solution.

Our approach

PMC offers enhanced service delivery management aligned with precision proactive and reactive services, which are organized into three Practice Areas. Each of these three Practice Areas work together and they are mutually reinforcing.

  • Assess & Plan is about thoroughly assessing the solution environment and developing a plan to drive ongoing solution stability and improvement.
  • Optimize & Remediate focuses on establishing business continuity by executing services and practices that improve health and performance across the entire Microsoft solution environment.
  • Restore & Protect is focused on restoring systems during service interruptions, is also directly related to the other two Practice Areas as we leverage root cause learnings to help keep problems from reoccurring.

Together, these Practice Areas are how Microsoft learns about your unique environment, then translates that understanding into a tangible and actionable plan that helps your IT solution deliver more business value to your organization.

Premier Mission Critical Support Overall Practice Areas Datasheet
  • Productivity investments improve your bottom line only when your collaboration platform and applications are healthy, tuned, and consistently available. PMC protects workflows for collaboration and business-critical processes built on Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server, ensuring those systems deliver reliable performance and safeguarding them against failure.

    Premier Mission Critical Support for Collaboration and Commerce Datasheet
  • Email is the most widely adopted online collaboration tool in the world, and the demand for high availability has never been stronger. Premier Mission Critical Support for Hybrid Global Email helps increase performance and uptime when your email is more than just communications and collaboration—your revenue and business processes also depend on it.

    And if you are moving your e-mail to Microsoft Office 365, PMC is uniquely positioned to help you keep your entire Email infrastructure stable and accelerate time to value for your new investment.

    Premier Mission Critical Support for Hybrid Global Email Datasheet
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates every aspect of your business. Premier Mission Critical for Dynamics Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 helps you lower program and people risk of failure associated with ERP change, access state-of-the-art operational support, and receive the fastest response times available from Microsoft for your solution.

    Premier Mission Critical Support for Microsoft Dynamics AX Datasheet
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the engine that fuels customer relationships. It touches customers, drives campaigns and enables customer sales organizations. PMC helps lower program and people risk of failure associated with CRM change, access state-of-the-art operational support and receive the fastest solution based response times available from Microsoft for your solution.

    Premier Mission Critical Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Datasheet
  • Modernizing data platforms with Microsoft SQL Server promises increased speed, more flexibility and new features to help the business respond to quickly changing demands. PMC helps customers realize this promise by focusing on the best performance possible from the solution environment.

    Premier Mission Critical Support for Data Platform Support Datasheet
  • Information within enterprise organizations is everywhere across files, applications, servers and devices. Giving users appropriate access to that information from anywhere and simplifying deployment and management of your identity infrastructure is why customers rely upon Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory. As far as mission critical solutions go, it has few rivals to it across the enterprise. PMC helps safeguard critical Microsoft Active Directory assets, assists you in improving health and performance, driving operational readiness and best practice use across the mission critical solution infrastructure.

    Premier Mission Critical Support for Identity and Access Datasheet
  • When IT is your business, maintaining high availability for your customers’ environments isn’t just important, it is vital to success. Your customers expect their IaaS, PaaS and SaaS cloud environments to just work. It is that level of predictability that you build your reputation upon. Premier Mission Critical Support helps Cloud Service Providers and Enterprise IT organizations deliver superior performance and realize key objectives, including business continuity, speed and uptime by enabling Microsoft’s Cloud OS vision to deliver a resilient cloud platform.

    Premier Mission Critical Support for Multitenant Datacenter Datasheet


Trusted Partnership for Business Success

“We have a very close intimate relationship with the solution team, and we are able to resolve our problems without causing any inconvenience for our customers.”

Peace of mind

"With the peace of mind we get through our Premier Mission Critical plan, we can focus on strategic initiatives instead of constantly worrying about troubleshooting the latest problem."