Premier Support for Office 365

Premier Support for Office 365

Premier Support for Office 365

Premier Support for Office 365 helps you get the most from your Office 365 subscription. A designated Office 365 specialized Technical Account Manager (TAM) or Service Delivery Manager (SDM) can help plan proactive services to assess your cloud-readiness and maximize the accessibility and reliability of Office 365 and your cloud-based infrastructure across people, process and technology. A proactive approach identifies potential issues and risks so you can remediate issues affecting health and performance.

Your value

With support from Microsoft Services, you receive:

  • Access to Cloud experts

  • Exclusive access to Proactive Services for the Cloud

  • Personalized service management

  • Highest priority reactive support when you need it

Our approach

  • Cloud Expertise: A specialized TAM or SDM will help you manage your Cloud environment

  • Premier Level Reactive Support: Access to a global network of experts ready to help 24x7

  • Proactive Services Designed for the Cloud: Improve the performance and reliability of your Cloud environment


Fuel company simplifies its transition to the cloud

Microsoft Cloud Vantage Services helped drive the organizational readiness, transition milestones, communications plan, employee education, and help desk education that allowed Caltex Australia’s CIO Steve Fox to say, "The transition to Office 365 was excellent; it literally happened over one weekend… For the end user, it was a seamless experience."

Faster time-to-value with trusted advisor

IT services firm Steria selected expertise from Microsoft Cloud Vantage Services for Microsoft Office 365, which helped it speed deployment, standardize business-critical infrastructure, simplify IT management, and better connect its global workforce—all equaling an estimated 20 percent reduction in total cost of ownership.

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