Proactive Business IT Support for Enterprises using the Premier Support services from Microsoft Services

Premier Support Proactive Services

Premier Support Proactive Services

As your business evolves, so do your systems, your infrastructure, and your people. Microsoft Premier Support Proactive Services help you identify and address potential issues and risks up-front to make sure that your IT systems are healthy and stay that way. Through a range of professional services, including assessments, planning, training, and process improvement, we work with you to optimize your IT environment, develop your people, and increase productivity.

Your value

Microsoft Premier Support Proactive Services can help you:

  • Minimize risk and downtime

  • Reduce support costs through prevention

  • Implement best practices

  • Increase the stability and performance of your IT systems

  • Increase your IT staff expertise and improve alignment between business goals and IT

  • Speed the time it takes for your people and your systems to benefit from new technology

Our approach

Our goal is to understand the alignment of business and IT and assisting you in getting business value. We help you through optimizing and developing scale within your organization. We can also provide you with support in running and onboarding Microsoft Solutions. Premier has organized our Proactive services in 3 categories to assist you:

Designed to identify current and future problems that could occur in a given environment or operation based on lessons learned, a Proactive technical and operational assessments are essential services that can help Premier customers minimize the occurrence of critical support incidents in the future.

Education solutions teach you how to use, troubleshoot, and operate Microsoft technology to minimize risks and issues, while proactively preventing risks and issues from occurring in the future

Operate contains practical services to help manage people, process and technology related issues and risks to help ensure business goals are realized


Canon Hong Kong

Proactive support from Premier Support helps mitigate risk and increase reliability of key systems for Canon of Hong Kong.

Turkiye Finans

Improved IT health and performance through Premier Mission Critical increases customer satisfaction and retention leading to higher revenues.

The Sapa Group

Microsoft expertise, including proactive problem identification and remediation to limit service disruptions for Global Manufacturing ERP systems.