Premier Support Proactive Services

Risk and Health Assessment Program (RAP) as a Service is one approach to proactively assessing and improving your IT health

Premier Support Proactive Services

As your business evolves, so do your systems, your infrastructure, and your people. Microsoft Premier Support Proactive Services help you identify and address potential issues and risks up-front to make sure that your IT systems are healthy and stay that way. Through a range of professional services, including assessments, planning, training, and process improvement, we work with you to optimize your IT environment, develop your people, and increase productivity.

Your value

Microsoft Premier Support Proactive Services can help you:

  • Minimize risk and downtime

  • Reduce support costs through prevention

  • Implement best practices

  • Increase the stability and performance of your IT systems

  • Increase your IT staff expertise and improve alignment between business goals and IT

  • Speed the time it takes for your people and your systems to benefit from new technology

Our approach

Our goal is to help you "get healthy and stay healthy." These flexible, proactive services not only help you assess and stabilize your current IT environment, they also provide the training, knowledge transfer, and best practices to prevent issues from recurring. We offer the following range of services from which to choose:

We help you assess your IT environment up front from a people, process, and technology perspective and then build a detailed plan to help stabilize your environment. Examples of assessment and planning services include:

Risk and Health Assessment Program plus remediation planning

The Microsoft Risk and Health Assessment Program (RAP) covers a range of Microsoft products and technologies and is an extensive assessment of the current state of your IT environment performed by skilled Microsoft engineers. It helps you evaluate, identify, and remediate issues in your IT environment in order to increase availability and stability and to maximize performance.

RAP as a Service

Access your IT environment at your own convenience! RAP as a Service is a new delivery experience in which your data is collected securely and remotely, allowing you to maintain the utmost privacy and run the assessment on your own schedule. A Microsoft accredited engineer will review the findings, provide recommendations, share knowledge and resources, and build a remediation plan with your staff and your technical account manager.

Stabilization services help you restore your environment or solution by providing you with customized assistance correcting technical issues uncovered in assessments.

Education services deliver specialized training to your organization on how to use, troubleshoot, and operate Microsoft technology to minimize risks and resolve issues.

Process improvement services leverage industry best practices to help you improve your IT services management, minimize risk, and enhance how your people use technologies to reach business goals.


Healthcare provider chooses proactive health for IT

When the speed and quality of health care at infant centers and schools were affected by IT outages, this Netherlands health agency chose proactive and reactive components of Premier Support. The corporate information manager explained that now, “The 'health checks' are being used as a guideline. We are therefore able, eventually, to operate more proactive than reactive. The result is that our IT environment is gaining more trust.

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