Social Enterprise and Enterprise Analytics

Social Enterprise Deployment

Social tools can help your enterprise business compete by allowing your employees to connect in ways that are familiar to them in their personal lives and by spurring creativity and innovation. Microsoft Services can help your business take advantage of social media and integrate it with new and existing communication tools. Business opportunities for social enterprise can include communicating with customers in new ways and improving internal collaboration. Social tools that meet the expectations of multiple generations of workers can reduce costs and allow organizations to respond faster to new opportunities.

Using tools to share ideas and collaborate in a way that provides a more direct link to customers can help organizations improve the value of customer relationships and respond to opportunity with speed and intelligence.

Customer story

Social in SharePoint helps connect information and people

With 9,000 employees working in multiple locations and searching through terabytes of documents to make daily decisions, Aéroports de Paris wanted to make it easier and faster for people to find the information they need. Aéroports de Paris is upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to take advantage of enhanced search, social computing, and other features that employees will use to find higher quality information and better serve customers and partners. Microsoft Services Consulting worked with Aéroports de Paris to provide architectural guidance and documentation, answer questions, and help with the implementation.

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Enabling social enterprise takes more than just software. We help you create a social plan of action that provides the right mix of strategies, values, and technologies to address longer term business needs.

  • For years, business and technology leaders have been primarily focused on keeping pace by integrating technologies, and deploying them on time and on budget. Now, organizations are increasingly looking to transform by delivering innovative technology that creates value, makes money and differentiates the organization in the marketplace.

    With the broad acceptance of technical innovations such as cloud services, mobility, big data, and social media, businesses have the opportunity to improve performance, accelerate time to market, and better deliver on customer needs—if the company’s enterprise architecture and technologies enable that. By leveraging a variety of IT strategy and planning solutions, our enterprise technology consulting experts can help.

With social marketing, your organization can engage your customers and partners more effectively to gain insight, drive sales, and turn your customers into loyal advocates.

  • To attract new customers for your business and retain the ones you have, your business needs ways to boost sales and customer satisfaction. Microsoft Services Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and CRM Online solutions help automate the business processes that deliver world-class customer care experiences and improve your sales and marketing impact. Your business can build capabilities such as loyalty management, customer care, and social media integration through systems that are easy to use and provide business insights that can give your organization a competitive edge.

Social computing helps your organization drive innovation and business agility by increasing employee engagement and fostering team collaboration.

  • How do your teams communicate, and what is it costing you? If your millennials rely on social and texting, your gen-Xers are e-mailing, and your baby boomers like face to face, how do you get them on the same proverbial page and keep your data secure and your costs down? Microsoft Services can help you evaluate your business and pick the right solutions that will reduce complexity and cost in how your people and your IT systems work. The time your people will save using Microsoft tools such as Yammer, Office 365, Lync, and SharePoint provides significant value to your business and is compounded by lower IT deployment and maintenance costs.
  • Enterprise businesses have a tremendous opportunity to make information more easily accessible to customers, employees, or others you chose, along with the ability to provide that data on any device, at any time, through new and modern business applications connected to cloud services. Microsoft Services can help businesses develop modern applications and modernize legacy applications to capitalize on IT paradigms, including cloud, social, mobility, and big data.


Putting social to work

Social has clearly rewired the way we communicate in our personal lives, and there are folks out there claiming that it will do the same for business. I've come to believe that it will have a profound impact on the way people get things done at work.

To understand why, consider the basic premise of the technology: Open conversations and personal connections. In a world where the pace of innovation has increased dramatically over the last few decades, the name of the game is agility. Open conversations and personal connections increase the agility of an organization by helping people connect the dots in an ever-changing world.