Your own personal radio station

Your own personal radio station

Your own personal radio station

Your own personal radio station

MixRadio for laptop and tablet

Your own personal radio station. Created just for you. Available for your Windows 8.1 laptop and tablet.

Get it on your tablet or laptop

Get MixRadio for your Lumia

Find MixRadio preinstalled on your Lumia, or scan the QR code to download – just hit the search button, select the eye icon at the bottom of the screen and hold up your phone to capture the code.

Get the app

Stream music for free with MixRadio

Imagine a radio station that seems to always know the music you want to hear. Enter MixRadio: a music app that personalizes mixes to suit your tastes. The more you listen, the more personal your listening experience becomes. All this for free, without the hassle of signing up or the interruption of ads.


Just press play

Play Me is where you’ll find a fresh new mix of music, customized to your own music taste. Just tell us a few of your favorite artists, we’ll do the rest. Personalize your Play Me mix even more by tapping the thumbs up and thumbs down icons. Not available on Asha smartphones.


Music anywhere, anytime

Have a long commute or road trip? Avoid data costs while on the go by downloading your mixes onto your Lumia for offline play – no data connection required. Store up to four mixes at any time to access hundreds of tunes with the tap of a finger.


Looking for inspiration? Try a ready-made mix

MixRadio is filled with mixes put together by our team of global music experts – as well as by some of the world's most popular stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Above & Beyond. Whether you're looking for a new soundtrack for your workout or for the perfect party playlist, our mixes have you covered.


Share the love

When you've discovered some mixes you love, let those closest to you know by sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and more. Your friends will be able to listen to your favorite mixes.


Get more with MixRadio+

Enjoying the free version of MixRadio? Then give MixRadio+ a spin. For just a small monthly fee, you get premium benefits like unlimited track-skipping, unlimited offline mixes, high-quality audio over Wi-Fi and more.


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