Nokia Lumia Icon
Rated 4.2 out of 5 by 142 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Take the Plunge! An EXCELLENT phone and OS! Every reason to switch from the current boring options to something slick, well-thought, and beautiful! I was an iPhone user for the past few years, and sick of the mundane feeling of it, as well as the limitations. Before that, I was an Android user. I appreciate the beauty of this phone. Super fast, logical, apt. The camera is sick. Great integration with your world - email, apps, etc. Tiles are awesome. Excellent screen, and amazing battery life. I used to love Nokia. Now they're back, and I'm convinced I'll be with Nokia and Windows Phone for the long run! P.S. - Purity Pro wireless cans are amazing pieces of tech. Integrate flawlessly with the Icon! March 7, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Came over from Android and I don't miss it! Great phone! I have all of the apps that I had on my Android but I am not an app junky. The colors are amazing and I love the black theme with the white and gray text. The interface is smooth and responsive no matter how many apps I switch between. The pictures and video are beautiful! Thanks Nokia and Windows Phone for breaking the static icon mold. March 10, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Outstanding quality and features, disappointing loss of glance capability I have long been a fan of Nokia handset quality. I sadly am forced to rate this handset a 4 instead of a 5 because of the decision made to sacrifice the glance features. If you are coming over from an iPhone or an Android you will not miss this feature as it does not exist on those platforms. I no longer wear a watch and the convenience of pulling a phone out of ones pocket, or turning it over on the desk, and seeing the time, without having to press the power button and turn the phone on, is sorely missed. Every time I need to press the power button I am reminded that someone, somewhere decided to eliminate a favorite feature. Please don't call a device an Icon when the feature set has been compromised. It has some iconic features, but is sadly less that what an Icon should be. The features I like best about the Icon are: Brilliant screen visible in direct sunlight. I spend the winters in Arizona and the screen is readable in the direct desert sun, even through sunglasses. At spring training baseball games it is fun to watch other people shading their trophy phones to try and get a washed out glimpse of the picture they took. Power button where it should be, easily pressed either left or right handed. Not an awkward stretch to the top of the device. Camera button convenience and a camera more advanced than my photographic skills. I hope this will encourage me, at long last, to get more knowledgeable about finding my way around a more sophisticated camera. I took a picture of a pitched baseball during a spring training game. This was from 12 rows behind home plate. Zooming in one can clearly see the shadow on the lower half of the baseball and a glimpse of the seams on the rotating baseball. Fabulous. Wireless charging. No more fumbling to insert the charger cord late at night under dim light. My toothbrush knows how to do wireless charging. If someone has not figured out how to do wireless charging by now maybe they should get out of the consumer electronics business. Since I use wireless charging and can continually top off the phone charge, the battery life is more than enough for me. I would have preferred a little less battery life and a more pillowed back. I upgraded from an HTC 8X which had a fabulous feel in the hand and was very pocketable. The Icon is actually only about 1/8 of an inch taller an 1/8 of an inch wider but feels much more massive to hold than the 8X because, I assume, the much larger battery. When placed on a flat surface the two devices have virtually identical thickness, but the 8X is much more pillowed in the back making it far easier to hold and operate with one hand. A love child of these two phones with the glance features added back would be truly iconic and the perfect phone for me. If you carry your phone in a briefcase or purse and type with two hands on the phone you likely will find the added size of the battery a plus. Live tile interface. I use this extensively. My favorite use is to have pictures of my spouse and children pinned to my start screen. Not only do I enjoy being reminded of the favorite people in my life every time I glance at my phone, the live tiles show me how many calls, texts, or emails I have received from each of them. If I miss a call I can immediately see if it was from one of them. I like to see my information on the start screen rather than corporate or marketing logos. I am amused that some pride themselves as being logo free and then build the main start screen out of nothing but logos. More subtle things like a smiley face or sad face on the messaging icon if there is, or is not network connectivity for message are helpful. If you purchase a windows phone learn how to use the live tiles and make it your own. It is saddening to see people with nothing but the theme color on their start screen. You wonder if they have any artwork on their walls at home. I find the feel of the buttons on the phone to have a perfect amount of resistance, travel, and click. I hated the buttons on the HTC 8X. I would like to be able to add a memory card, but did not use all of the memory on my last phone because I do not install a lot of games and prefer to keep data in the cloud. Microphones. Not sure how much audio recording I will do, however am anxious to see the audio and video quality on Skype calls. In summary, when I use this phone I feel like I am using a secure environment, on a high quality device which has the flexibility for me to personalize it. I would like a broader choice of high quality protective cases like the Tech21 case for the iPhone. Each of my 3 children have managed to break their iPhones and I would like to set a good example by using a quality case which provides adequate protection and improved grip. The smooth steel sides of the Icon feel a little slippery. In ending, if anyone from Nokia is listening, I would like to share how deeply disappointing it is to wait for two years to upgrade and then be offered a phone which has sacrificed a favorite feature. It is like a child waiting for Christmas for two years for a favorite truck and then opening it to find that one wheel is missing. Especially on a carrier like Version who offers few quality Windows Phone alternatives. I hope you feel my pain and never let this happen again. April 21, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by WOW! WOW! Nokia really did a go'd job developing this phone the camera on it is awesome, the sound is truly amazing, the device is really comfortable, no doubts, Nokia did the best here, and with 5 inch you see so much as possible but it´s a great smartphone March 9, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by PERFECT for Night Owls like me! I had my eye on a Nokia phone for awhile because of the WICKED camera. I saw some commercial with people riding their bikes at night and the camera was taking these crazy cool pictures. I thought THATS WHAT I NEED. I'm a Night Owl. The problem is that my phones haven't been night owls. Any of you who have taken pictures at night know what I am talking about. NEVER enough light. Pictures look like it's snowing. Except I live in Southern California...and the only place I've seen snow is in the movies! That's really the only place I want to see snow. I got tired of seeing it in my pictures so I went to Verizon and decided to bite the bullet. I had heard so many people complaining about Windows phones on the internet. Talking about how they aren't as intuitive and that they don't have as many apps, etc.. The apps thing is a good point, by the way. But here's the thing, as soon as I put the phone in my hand I knew I was taking it home. Mind you, the guy from Verizon was just like those trolls on the net. He tried to steer me to some phone which will remain nameless and he talked about how my previous phone was Android so there would be no learning curve for me and that Windows phones were notoriously difficult to learn. I was like Dude, PACK THIS BAD BOY UP RIGHT NOW I AIN'T HEARING ALL THAT NOISE! I am so glad I stood my ground. This phone makes me feel like a professional photographer. I've become the hero lately with all my EPIC shots of our nighttime shenanigans! LOVING this! The start screen is a BLAST to customize. So much more elegant than Android or iOS. It makes them seem so freaking YESTERDAY. The app store is tiny compared to them, though. Almost not fair to call it a store. More like a closet in a store. But a closet that you want to escape to. The apps. though fewer, feel like a higher quality. There are some buggy ones ( Pinterest could be better) but that's not the phone's fault.. That's on them. Anyways, if you are thinking about getting a phone or even if you just want to become a hero like me, step up and pick up one of these bad boys. You will NOT regret it. April 11, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by MAKE THE SWITCH!! Best decision I made As a previous IPhone user the decision to make the switch was a little scary. BUT I knew I wanted to break the cycle. I had received the Surface for Christmas and I LOVED IT. My main use for my phone is to snap on the go photos of my kiddos, and ease of use. I started researching phone options. I MADE the switch from Apple and I will never look back. This phone will not disappoint!! Pictures are excellent. Ease of use is fantastic. Having a separate screen for my kids to play is another great feature. I could keep going on with all of the positives!! If I could get everyone to switch I would!! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fantastic phone with camera. I love the skye drive as well as syncing ability with my surface. I love that I can work on excel sheets to keep my budget on track. The app store is great and growing. As a busy mom, there was one small set back, (but not enough to not have the phone). I have found that some of my savings apps are not available as well as some store apps. BUT I am hopeful they will be available soon. Other than that, this Change was one of the best I could have made. My phone is the one thing, besides my children I don't leave home without!! My new motto is why blend in (ie APPLE users) When I can stand out!! I highly recommend!! Very excited customer and happy user! March 12, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by My Face when my cell phone camera has OIS. Let me start by saying I've been with Verizon for 6 years now, after using the Lumia 928 for a few months I was tempted to switch to AT&T purely for the 1020 or 1520. When I read about the Icon coming out and some of the features I was incredibly excited. Finally Verizon is catching on to the Windows Phone 8. It syncs to my PCs flawlessly; photos, calendars, to-dos, emails all within reach regardless if I'm at home or at work. It syncs to the bluetooth in my car equally flawlessly, reading texts and voice controls for just about everything. I thought it was that simply due to having Sync in my car (another microsoft product) but it works just as well with a bluetooth speaker I use at home. Much easier to use than my old android. I was excited for this phone and after using it now I'm still excited, it really has changed the way I do things both personally and at my job (just try to get me away from my to-do list with those neat little reminders) Highly recommended for anyone wanting to try something new from their android or iPhone or someone who's used to the Windows platform and wanting something a bit more powerful. P.S OIS blew my mind, I thought it was camera lag at first. None whatsoever, everything works beautifully. March 15, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by I love my Nokia Windows phone!! When I got my Nokia Windows phone and the Verizon Store, they told me that I would bring it back in 2 weeks and that everyone that got the phone brought it back, well that was 4 months ago and I still love my phone and am very happy with it. April 6, 2014
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