Nokia Lumia 635
Nokia Lumia 635 3.9 5 50 50
right phone at the right price Had this phone a week. Was using iPhone. Overall this is a better phone. The battery life is way better. I listen to downloaded music about 6hrs a day. At the end of the day I still had over half my battery. The free music downloads are excellent and the battery life trumps iPhone. The downside is no front facing camera. I Skype or facetime with a lot of family not in my area so I miss that. It processes a little slower than iPhone but not enough to be an issue. The expandable storage is great! I currently have a 32GB card in it and may expand to 64 soon. Stupid but I do miss emjoicons. While the app store is smaller than windows or iPhone I've found the apps are more useful. Besides do we really need 50 varients of a single app? I think Nokia could corner more of the market if they: Keep the phone around the same size and add a front facing camera. Keep the expandable storage option. Get an 8.1 camera for the rear. This phone is a great budget phone. I had the Lumia icon for a bit bit switched carriers. That phone out performed my iPhone by a mile!! August 18, 2014
A big leap from the 521 I bought this phone recently and I have to say I'm impressed! The new interface is pretty awesome and I like how Cortana keeps me up with my routine. It's an overall great phone and I would recommend it if you're looking to not spend much money. July 23, 2014
Great phone I just love this phone. It's easy to use and it's fast. July 31, 2014
amazing This phone has impressed me beyond belief. It's so easy to use and has no issues oh and Cortana is so extremely amazing. Use the phone once and fall in love ❤ . I had always been a Android person until I tried this phone no regrets at all. It's a smart purchase that you can't go wrong with. August 22, 2014
Love the Lumina 635 I wanted a smaller form factor without losing functionality. I have had the 1020, 925, and the 520 (as a backup phone). the 1020 is a great device, but I really wanted 8.1 NOW and smaller device. LOVE the 635 -- CORTANA makes everything easier (impressive response, impressive actions -- all around impressive), the wordflow technology is sooooo cool and makes typing or texting so much easier (I even tested it against the Android version out today -- Windows 8.1 wordflow is TOP NOTCH); and no 2 year contract. Migrating my apps, data, accounts, etc. was a BREEZE from the 1020! LOVE IT! The things I would love to see in this similar form factor (and willing to pay for it) -- front facing camera (don't get me wrong, the Nokia camera at 5 mps is still way more than enough#, and perhaps more selection on the 'skins' -- neon colors are great #green, yellow, and orange#, but would love other varieties. I think I will use this phone for a while! :) LOVE IT! August 1, 2014
Seems fantastic I own a nokia Lumia 521 and love windows phone 8.1. Although I don't own this device, I have played on it at the T-Mobile store and it has worked great. I have 8.1 which comes preinstalled on the Lumia 635 and it is fabulous and works very well. Cortana is awesome. I have seen many videos on this phone and they all have said that its a great phone. Thanks for bringing another Lumia to T-Mobile Nokia! July 9, 2014
Excellent nt phone I was a little skeptical about buying this phone been an Apple fan for a long time. I bought it because the price was very affordable. I had heard good and bad things about this phone but I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. This phone is very easy to use and fast. The only thing I wish it had is front facing camera. I think I will be keeping this phone for a while. August 26, 2014
The unexpected Let´s start with the... No complains! Right, as a windows phone fan, i think this little budget made me feel completely in love with Nokia once more, is super fast, stupidly awesome, battery feels with a ton of power, features, well we all know how Windows is.... Really! If you want something great then Buy it! July 22, 2014
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