How do I back up my personal data?

1. Connect your phone to a computer.

For S30 phones: Your stuff is automatically backed up on an SD card, so you don’t need to use a computer. Just remove the card.

2. Move your content using the appropriate method, depending on your phone type:

For S40 and S60 (Symbian) phones: Use Nokia Suite or PC Suite to sync your content. From 2013, the new Nokia Asha / S40 phones allow you to simply drag and drop your data across to the computer. You must have drag and drop enabled for this feature to work.

For Meego phones: Use Nokia Link to sync your content.

For Windows Phones (up to 7.8): Use Zune to sync your content. If you use a Mac, the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac enables transfer.

For Windows Phones (8): Use the Windows Phone app, or OneDrive to sync your content

3. Check on the computer that all your stuff is safe and sound.

You may also be able to back up your stuff onto a memory card. For more info about all these processes and depending on your specific phone model, see your phone’s user guide.

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