How do I backup information on my Nokia 6682 phone?

Use only compatible MultiMediaCards (MMC) with this device. Other MultiMediaCard, such as Secure Digital (SD) cards, do not fit in the MMC card slot and are not compatible with this device. Using an incompatible MultiMediaCard may damage the MultiMediaCard as well as the device, and data stored on the incompatible card may be corrupted.

Press the Menu key, and select Tools > Memory. You can use a MultiMediaCard as extra storage space. You can also back up information from phone memory, and restore the information to the phone later.

Options in the memory card tool are:

  • Backupphone mem.
  • Restore from card
  • Format mem.card
  • Memory card name
  • Memory details
  • Help
  • Exit

To back up information from phone memory to a MultiMediaCard  select Options > Backup phone mem.

To restore information from the MultiMediaCard to the phone memory, select Options > Restore from card.

Format a memory card:

Note: When a MultiMediaCard is formatted, all data on the card is permanently lost.

Some memory cards are supplied preformatted and others require formatting. Consult your retailer to find out if you must format the MultiMediaCard before you can use it.

To format a MultiMediaCard, select Options > Format mem.card. Select "Yes" to confirm. When formatting is complete, enter a name for the memory card, and select "OK".

To rename a MultiMediaCard, select Options > Memory card name