How do I change Bluetooth settings on my Nokia Wireless Image Headset HS-13W?

Features using Bluetooth wireless technology, or allowing such features to run in the background while using other features, increase the demand on battery power and reduce the battery life. You can use Bluetooth wireless technology to connect the headset to other compatible devices. Through the connection, you can send and receive images and business cards.

Before you can create a connection to a compatible device, you must pair the device with your headset. If required by the device, you must give the device passcode to enable pairing. You can store a maximum of 10 pairings to your headset. When you attempt to connect to a device with which you are already paired, no passcode is required. You can have one active audio and one active data connection at a time.

When you turn on the headset, it automatically attempts to connect to the default device (the first device the headset was connected to when it was used the first time). If the headset does not find the default device or the default device rejects the connection, the headset attempts to connect to the last device to which it was connected.

Select Menu > Settings > Bluetooth and one of the following:- Bluetooth — to turn Bluetooth on or off.  Bluetooth is automatically on when you switch the device on. Even if you turn it off, it is automatically turned on to transfer images or business cards. If you want to establish a connection from an external device to the headset, Bluetotth must be on.- Search for Bluetooth devices — to search for compatible devices and connect to them. The headset lists the found devices on the display. When you see the device you want, press Stop, and select the device. If the device has not been previously paired with the headset and it requires a passcode, the headset requests it. Enter the passcode for the device to activate the connection.- Active device — to view information about the device to which the headset is currently connected. To end the connection, select Options > Disconnect.- Paired devices — to view the list of devices that have been paired with the headset. You can simultaneously have a maximum of 10 paired devices. To delete a pairing, select the pairing, and select Options > Delete pairing > OK.- Bluetooth settings—to define additional setting.

  •     To define the devices to which your headset is visible, select My headset’s visibility. If you select Shown to all, you are visible to all devices using Bluetooth wireless technology. If you select Hidden, only the devices you are paired with can see you, although you can still see all the compatible devices.
  •     To change the headset name that is used to help compatible devices recognize you, select My headset’s name.

When other devices attempt to connect to your headset, a notification is shown on the display. Press Accept to accept and Reject to reject the connection.