How do I pair Nokia devices?

To pair with compatible devices and view your paired devices, in the Bluetooth application main view, scroll right.

Before pairing, create your own passcode (1-16 digits), and agree with the owner of the other device to use the same code. Devices that do not have a user interface have a factory-set passcode.

To pair with a device:

  1. Select Options > New paired device. Devices with Bluetooth connectivity within range start to appear on the display.
  2. Select the device, and enter the passcode. The same passcode must be entered on the other device as well. Some audio enhancements connect automatically to your device after pairing. Otherwise, scroll to the enhancement, and select Options > Connect to audio device.

To set a device as authorized or unauthorized, scroll to a device, and select from the following options:

  • Set as authorised: Connections between your device and this device can be made without your knowledge. No separate acceptance or authorization is needed. Use this status for your own devices, such as your compatible headset or PC, or devices that belong to someone you trust.
  • Set as unauthorised: Connection requests from this device must be accepted separately every time.

To cancel a pairing, scroll to the device, and select Options > Delete. If you want to cancel all pairings, select Options > Delete all