Why is my browser closing itself on my Nokia device?

If the phone memory starts to get low when your browser is open, the browser closes automatically to create more available memory space. We suggest clearing the browser cache and closing any other applications that you are not currently using.

To clear the cache while in a browser session, select Options > Advancedoptions > Clearcache.

To see a list of currently running programs:

  • Hold down the Menu key for approximately 3 seconds. The list of applications that are currently open will be displayed.
  • Scroll through the list to an application you no longer need open and press Select.
  • The application you selected show now be displayed on the screen.
  • Press Exit to close the application.
  • Continue this process until you have closed all applications that you no longer need running.

If you continue to run low on memory, you may want to consider uninstalling applications you no longer use or moving items such as images, videos or tones to your memory card.