How do I change the Connection settings on my Nokia device?

To change the Connection settings on your Nokia device, press the Menu key, and select Tools > Settings > Connection.

You are now able to change the following:

  • Access points - Set up new or edit existing access points. Some or all access points may be preset for your device by your service provider, and you may not be able to create, edit, or remove them.
  • Access point groups - Set up new or edit existing access point groups that are used in automatic connection establishment and e-mail roaming.
  • Packet data - Determine when packet data connections are used, and enter the access point if you use your device as a modem for a computer.
  • SIP settings - View or create session initiation protocol (SIP) profiles.
  • Data call - Set the time-out period after which data call connections automatically end.
  • VPN - Install and manage VPN policies, manage VPN policy servers, view the VPN log, and create and manage VPN access points.
  • Configs. - View and delete trusted servers from which your device may receive configuration settings.
  • Wireless LAN
  • Internet tel. settings (where some software version called it, Net call settings.

The settings available for editing may vary.

To obtain information about subscribing to a packet data service and the appropriate connection and configuration settings, contact your network operator or service provider.