How can I set up an email account on my Nokia E90 device?

You can set up your e-mail with the mailbox guide. If you select Menu > Messaging > Mailbox, and have not set up your e-mail account, you are prompted to do so.

To start setting up the e-mail account with the mailbox guide, select Yes.

  1. To start entering the e-mail settings, select Start.
  2. In Mailbox type select IMAP4 or POP3, and select Next.

    Tip: POP3 is a version of the post office protocol that is used to store and retrieve e-mail or internet mail messages from a server. IMAP4 is a version of the internet message access protocol that lets you access and manage e-mail messages while the messages are still on the e-mail server. You can then choose which messages to download to your device.

  3. In My e-mail address, enter your e-mail address. Select Next.
  4. In Incoming mail server, enter the name of the remote server that receives your e-mail, and select Next.
  5. In Outgoing mail server, enter the name of the remote server that sends your e-mail, and select Next. Depending on your mobile operator, you might have to use your mobile operator's outgoing mail server instead of your e-mail provider's.
  6. In Access point, select the internet access point your device should use when it retrieves the e-mail. If you select Always ask each time the device starts to retrieve e-mail, it asks which internet access point it should use. Select Next.
  7. Enter a name for your new mailbox, and select Finish.

When you create a new mailbox, the name you give to the mailbox replaces Mailbox in the Messaging main view. You can have up to six mailboxes

If you have defined several mailboxes, select one of them as your default mailbox. That mailbox is used every time you start composing a new e-mail message.To define the default mailbox, select Options > Settings > E-mail > Default mailbox and the mailbox.