How can I protect the memory card in my Nokia device?

Select Menu > Tools > Memory.

You can protect a memory card with a password to prevent unauthorized access.

  • To set a password, select Options > Set password. The password can be up to eight (8)characters long and it is case-sensitive. The password is stored in your device. You do not need to enter it again while you use the memory card on the same device. If you use the memory card on another device, you are asked for the password. Not all memory cards support password protection.
  • To remove the memory card password, select Options > Remove password. When you remove the password, the data on the memory card is not protected against unauthorized use.
  • To open a locked memory card, select Options > Unlock memory card. Enter the password.

If you cannot recall the password to unlock a locked memory card, you may reformat the card, in which case the card is unlocked and password removed. Formatting a memory card destroys all data stored on the card.