Yes, VoIP internet calls are supported. There are two options to enable VoIP in your Nokia device (S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 devices).

 1. Use VoIP application or settings downloaded via Download! or Nokia Store.

  • Open Menu > Download! or Nokia Store
  • Download and install VoIP settings or VoIP application (Gizmo VoIP settings, Fring) or some other VoIP like application (iSkoot for Skype).
  • Subscribe to service and get a user account from your service provider if you don't already have an existing account to Gizmo, Skype or other service provider such as MSN messanger, Google Talk, Yahoo!, etc.
  • A new tab for the VoIP service you installed (e.g. Gizmo VoIP) will appear in Contacts menu.
  • Activate VoIP call service in Contacts by opening Menu > Contacts > Gizmo VoIP tab and select Options > Activate service.

 Note that the availability of service (Gizmo, Fring, iSkoot for Skype) may vary country by country and in different device models. 

2. Use VoIP that is installed in phone

  • Subscribe to VoIP service and get a user account from your service provider.
  • Receive SIP VoIP settings from your service provider to your phone or configure the settings manually.
  • When configuring the settings manually, a separate SIP VoIP Settings application needs to be installed in the device. The application can be downloaded from Forum Nokia:

  • Configure SIP profile in Menu > Tools (or Settings or Ctrl. panel) > Settings > Connection > SIP settings.
  • Go to Menu > Tools (or Settings or Ctrl. panel) > Connectivity > Net settings > Advanced VoIP settings> VoIP services (or in some devices Menu > Ctrl. panel > Net settings > Advanced VoIP settings > VoIP services) and create a VoIP service (note that this menu is not available until you install the SIP VoIP Settings application).
  • Check that the VoIP service is linked to the SIP profile created above (see the Used SIP profiles submenu). 
  • VoIP service (e.g. Provider) appears in Contacts after SIP VoIP settings are correctly configured.
  • Open Menu > ContactsProvider tab and select Options > Activate service.

After the service is activated, the internet calls can be placed by selecting Options > Call > Internet call or by entering the number and selecting Net call in the home screen.