Maps is partly free, to calculate routes and follow these routes by tracking your position in Maps is free. Furthermore the newest devices will include free navigation globally. Check the devices that offer Maps free navigation at (find Maps page under Software & Services tab).

When Maps uses a mobile internet connection for downloading map data, large amounts of data may be downloaded to your mobile device, resulting in data transfer costs. Please check our FAQ on how to keep the costs down, and contact your network operator for more information about your data plan.

To configure the network settings to block data transfer in Nokia S40 devices,

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Network settings
  3. Select Allow network usage
  4. Select No.

To purchase a navigation license,

  1. Select Extra services
  2. Select Purchase navigation, and accept the terms and conditions.

confirm the Bluetooth GPS connection, and accept the terms and conditions.


  1. select Purchase
  2. select the region for which you have the license,
  3. select Purchase.  

A secure data connection is established to the license server.



Positioning is based on the GPS system where the handset gets the location information from GPS satellites. As is the case with users of other GPS devices, the use of this GPS positioning does not create costs for the user, but the navigation service is free. No SIM card is needed for GPS positioning, so it is not a mobile operator service.

If the consumer so wishes, (s)he can however activate an A-GPS (assisted GPS) network service, which can be used to acquire assisting information for positioning through a package data connection. In that case the connection will be established through the chosen internet connection. A-GPS service is, however, completely voluntary and a feature that the consumer can choose, the use of a mere GPS connection does not cost anything for the user.

The Maps application of the handset can be used to search for addresses, services or local information. If the customer wants to download content to the application through the handset, a data connection will be established, information on which is available on our website: "Downloading of maps over-the-air may involve transferring large amounts of data. Your service provider may charge for the data transmission." There is a mentioning also in our printed advertisements: "please contact your service provider for information about data transfer fees."

It is however possible to use map downloads relating to navigation for free and without a data connection from the handset. It is stated in our website that it is possible to download both the maps used by the application and the Ovi Maps application itself for free from our website without data transfer fees by using a PC or Mac computer. When a customer uses normal navigation (as opposed to A-GPS), navigation is always free.

If a customer wishes to use web based positioning, it is possible to use the navigation feature of the handset also without data connection, there the maps have been downloaded in the handset in advance with a computer. In that case, the handset does not even need to have a SIM card - the customer can remove it from the handset before navigating.

It is thus possible to use navigation without any data transfer fees related to the handset. It is certainly possible to also download content or use navigation in such a way that there are costs created, but in that case the customer is reminded of the possibility of extra costs. There are several mentionings about data transfer fees in the user guide and in addition a notice/warning even in the service itself. The data transfer service is provided by and invoiced by the mobile operator.