I have downloaded map data to my device yet Maps keeps connecting to the map server. Why?

Maps always tries to establish an online connection to the map server, because an online search for addresses on the server is faster than searching the data on the mobile device memory or memory card.

To prevent the mobile device from establishing an internet connection and avoid costs related to data transfer,

  1. select Options
  2. select Settings
  3. select Network settings
  4. select Allow network usage
  5. select No.

Now the Maps application only uses the maps available in your mobile device.

Searching for locations without an internet connection saves in data transfer costs, but may also lead to poorer search results. Searching online delivers more results, is quicker, and more accurate. Note that searching online requires an internet connection to the server

When Maps uses a mobile internet connection, large amounts of data may be downloaded to your mobile device, resulting in data transfer costs. See our FAQ on how to keep the costs down and contact your network operatort for more information about your data plan.