Why does the compass sometimes not function properly?

The reason for this may be that the compass cursor is not set to My position. If you have the GPS activated, you need to move the cursor to My position.

Please note also the usage limitations with the compass:

  • Compass can only be used on pedestrian navigation. It does not work on car navigation.
  • Compass needs to be calibrated sometimes. Notice the icon on the bottom left-hand corner to see if calibration should be repeated (Green color = High accuracy, Yellow = Poor accuracy, Red = Not calibrated, White = Not turned on or not active).
  • Compass calibration does not work when driving a car.
  • Check that the compass is switched on (on touch screen devices tap the compass icon, on other devices press "5").
  • Check that you have not pressed the Navi keys. Pressing Navi keys will disable the compass. You can enable the compass again by selecting My position.
  • Compass cannot work properly when large metal objects are nearby.