Does the Nokia 6300 support SSL for E-mail configurations?

Yes, SSL Security is supported for both the browser and e-mail clients:


  • POP 3 (receiving)
  • IMAP4 (receiving)
  • SMTP (sending)
  • Attachment support (sending, receiving and saving, no viewing)
  • SSL v3.0

The configuration fields are available under Advanced Sending / Receiving options.

For Advanced Sending configuration:

  1. Select  Email > Options > Manage Accountsacct > Advanced Sending.
  2.  Under Secure login enable Secure Conn (SSL) and  enter the port number.

For Advanced Receiving configuration:

  1. Select Email > Options > Manage Accountsacct > Advanced Receiving.
  2.  Under Secure login enable Secure Conn (SSL)  and enter the port number.