How do I setup an email mailbox on my Nokia E71 (or E63, E66) device?

If you have Set up e-mail option available on your device home screen following steps guide you through setting up an email account (NOTE: Please read all screens carefully during the setup process as they will provide additional information and hints on how to proceed):

  1. Highlight and select Set up e-mail on your home screen using the NaviKey.
  2. Select Start e-mail setup from the menu that appears.
  3. Select Start to begin entering the information for your email account.
  4. The setup wizard will need to access the network in order to complete your configuration. Depending on your operator contract, this may involve some data transfer charges. Select Yes to allow the wizard to access the network. Please wait for the wizard to establish a network connection.
  5. Select a email provider from the predefined list. Select Other, if your email provider is not listed. 
  6. Enter your email address and select OK.
  7. Enter your password and select OK.

For most common email services like GMAIL, the setup wizard can find the rest of your email settings for you, so there's nothing more to configure. If you're using a less common email service that isn't recognized by the setup wizard, you may need to enter some more information, and the setup wizard will continue to ask you for your server settings.

If you have previously hidden the Set up e-mail option on the home screen there are other ways to get started with email setup, depending on the device select one from the list:

  • Menu > Help > Welcome > E-mail setup
  • Menu > Tools > Sett. wizard > E-mail setup (When you use the wizard for the first time, you are guided through the settings configuration. After that Email setup option will be available).
  • Menu > Communic. > Messaging > Options > Settings > E-mail > Options > New mailbox

If you use either of these three options select Start to begin entering the information for your email account as mentioned in point 3 earlier in this FAQ and proceed with instructions from that on.

Applies for Nokia E63, E66 and E71 devices.