Why does my N96 prompt me for an internet connection when I connect it to my PC via USB? I can no longer access the device via PC Suite.

If an N96 device is connected to a PC using the USB cable and the message “Connecting” appears followed by the device requesting an internet connection, this usually indicates that a remote drive is incorrectly configured. If you choose or accept an internet access point the device will then display “New drive not available”.

To resolve this issue, on the device select Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Remote Drives and remove the drive that is incorrectly configured. You should now be prompted to "Select Mode" when connecting the USB cable.

The remote drives are network drives which are accessed over the internet connection. The address of the remote drive can be viewed and modified in Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Remote Drives by selecting the remote drive and then Options > Edit. The "address" field shows the URL address where the remote drive is located (e.g. When plugging the N96 device via USB cable to PC, the device tries to open also the network connection to the remote drive. If the connection cannot be established, e.g. because of incorrect URL address, the device stays in "Connecting" state and the USB connection to PC doesn't succeed. The problem can then be solved either by fixing the incorrect URL address or by removing the malfunctional remote drive definition, as described above.