How can I read and transmit to service tags by using Near Field Communication (NFC) on my Nokia 6212 Classic device?

To read a service tag, touch a tag with the phone.

Touch a service tag with your device to:

  • Enable video streaming
  • Enable a Bluetooth connection
  • Receive a Business Card
  • Receive a SMS message
  • Receive a Call request
  • Receive a Bookmark
  • Receive a Calendar Note
  • Receive a To-Do Note
  • Receive a Alarm
  • Receive a Note
  • Receive a Content Shortcut

To access NFC received items or card applications, select Menu > NFC > Inbox or Cards.

The device memory limits the amount of tag information that can be stored. To free memory space, delete received items from the NFC Inbox.

It is possible to share the same information repeatedly to different service tags.

Note: When sharing to a service tag, information previously written to the service tag is automatically overwritten.

To Select Menu > NFC > Share to tag. Scroll to the desired option, select Share, and touch a service tag.

To share an item, you may also highlight the item on your device, and select Options > Share.