How do I use the WLAN wizard on my Nokia device?

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Connectivity > WLAN wiz.. (or Menu > Connectivity > WLAN wiz. on some devices)

The WLAN wizard helps you find and connect to a wireless LAN. When you open the application, your device starts to scan for available WLANs and lists them.

Select Options and the following:

  • Start Web Browsing - Start browsing the web using the access point of WLAN.
  • Refresh to update the list of available WLANs.
  • Filter WLAN networks - Filter out WLANs in the list of found networks. The selected networks are filtered out the next time the application searches for WLANs.
  • Edit Access point - Edit the existing Internet Access Point. For example add or change WLAN security settings.
  • Details - View the details of the WLAN shown in the list. If you select active connection, the connection details are displayed.
  • Disconnect WLAN - To end the active connection to the WLAN.

Important: Always enable one of the available encryption methods to increase the security of your wireless LAN connection. Using encryption reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your data.

Use the WLAN wizard in the home screen

In the home screen, the WLAN wizard shows the status of your WLAN connections and network searches. To view the available options, select the row showing the status. Depending on the status, you can start the web browser using a WLAN connection, connect to your net call service, disconnect from a WLAN, search for WLANs, or set the network scanning on or off.

If WLAN scanning is turned off, and you are not connected to any WLAN, WLAN scanning off is displayed in the home screen. To turn WLAN scanning on and search for available WLANs, select the row showing the status.

To turn WLAN scanning off on the home screen, select  WLAN networks found (or Refreshing) or the WLAN status row > Switch WLAN scan off.