How do I use the Near Field Communication (NFC) Card application on my Nokia 6212 Classic device?

Card activation

When your phone is placed on an external NFC reader, the applicable card application becomes accessible. Depending on the card availability settings, confirmation or a passcode may be requested before access is granted.

To set the activation level, select Menu > NFC > NFC settings > Cards availability. Select Always to allow payment or ticketing for card applications without confirmation. Select By confirmation or With passcode to allow transactions with confirmation or only after entering a passcode.

A card application remains active for approximately 60 seconds after confirmation or after entering the passcode. Touch the external reader within this active time to perform a transaction.

To change the card passcode, select Menu > NFC > NFC settings > Cards passcode.

Important: If an incorrect passcode is entered 10 times, you can no longer use card applications and services with this device. Your device will require service and additional charges may apply. For assistance, please visit the Nokia Website for your region and select Support and Software > Repair & Recycle or Contact Us.