What are the most common device wipe and device lock security settings for the Mail for Exchange Client?

Nokia S60 devices support device wipe and lock features and while synchronizing to an Exchange server, security information established by the Exchange Administrator is transferred to your device at this time. These include locking security features and wiping security features. A device lock is when your device will prompt you for a password to use it. A device wipe is when all data on your device is erased from your device memory and from your SD card in the device.

Device Lock:

  • The Exchange Administrator can require that the device be locked after a certain period of time.
  • The Exchange Administrator can also specify the number and type of characters for the lock code (password).

Device Wipe: 

  • If the lock code is entered incorrectly a number of times, the device can be set to wipe all data on the device and the memory card.
  • The device can be wiped by the user from the OWA ( Outlook Web Access) interface of Exchange if this has been established for the user.