What can I do if the battery indicator does not scroll on my Nokia device?

The battery indication light should start to scroll on a few seconds in your Nokia device, if the power supply is at adequate level for charging.  The problems might appear with the USB charging, when the battery is discharged and the power level is too low at the source USB port. Then it might take up to 15 minutes, before charging indicator starts to scroll. Sometimes USB port (especially USB Hub's) does not supply enough power to Nokia device. In such a case, the charging indicator does not start to scroll and the charging notification is not displayed in Nokia device.

If charging indicator does not start to scroll try first to remove and reconnect the USB cable from your device.  

The workaround is to use the dedicated charger, which is connected to the wall outlet. If that is working then Nokia device and the battery are working correctly.

If the battery charging does not succeed with the dedicated charger either, then contact your local Nokia Care point or your Service Provider to check your Nokia device and charger.