How to capture panorama images with my Nokia N86 8MP phone?

The panorama mode in Camera application allows capturing wide angle images consisting of up to 5 image frames. The panorama images can be taken in the following way:

  1. Open the Camera application.
  2. In the active toolbar, select Switch to panorama mode.
  3. Press the capture key to capture the first frame of the panorama image.
  4. Rotate the camera to the left or right in the direction of the green arrows until the white viewfinder frame falls over the red frame.
  5. Stop the rotation for a moment to let the next frame be captured (don't press the capture key, the camera will automatically capture the frame).
  6. Continue to the direction of the green arrow and repeat steps 4 and 5 until the whole panorama image is captured.
  7. Select Stop to finish the capture.

For the optimum quality, try to keep the rotation axis as close to the lens as possible. Rotate the device instead of moving yourself.