How do I set up Opera Mini browser on my Nokia device (Series 40 phones)?

First, you need to configure the correct internet settings in your device. To check the internet settings in your device or enter them manually, do the following:

  1. Select Menu > Settings > Configuration > Personal Configuration Settings (or Personal settings).
  2. Press Add (or Add new) and select Access point > Access point settings (or Access point sett.) > Bearer settings > Packet data access point (or Packet data
  3. If Access Point Name is already automatically fetched from SIM configuration, press OK. If not, contact your operator or service provider.
  4. Go back to the Personal Configurations Settings (or Personal settings) menu, where you should see a new access point created. 
  5. Select Options > Activate.
  6. Open Opera Mini browser and load the page.
  7. If it fails, contact your operator or service provider. 

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