How do I access and manage the e-mail message settings on my Nokia 8600 phone?

The settings affect the sending, receiving, and viewing of e-mail.You may receive the configuration settings for the e-mail application as a configuration message. You can also enter the settings manually.To activate the settings for the e-mail application, select Menu > Messaging > Message settings > E-mail messages and from the following options:

  • Configuration-to select the set that you want to activate
  • Account-to select an account provided by the service provider
  • My name-to enter your name or nickname
  • E-mail address-to enter your e-mail address
  • Include signature-to define a signature that is automatically added to the end of your e-mail when you write your message
  • Reply-to address-to enter the e-mail address to which you want the replies to be sent
  • SMTP user name-to enter the name that you want to use for outgoing mail
  • SMTP password-to enter the password that you want to use for outgoing mail
  • Display terminal window > Yes-to perform manual user authentication for intranet connections
  • Incoming server type > POP3 or IMAP4-to select the type of e-mail system that you are using. If both types are supported, select IMAP4
  • Incoming mail settings-to select available options for POP3 or IMAP4