How do I use the email client on my Nokia phone?

To activate the e-mail settings, select Menu > Messaging > Message settings > E-mail messages.

To use the e-mail function on your phone, you need a compatible e-mail system.

Check your e-mail settings with your e-mail service provider. You may receive the e-mail configuration settings as a configuration message.

Select Menu > Messaging > E-mail mailbox > Options > Add mailbox > E-mail setup wizard. To enter the settings manually, select Menu > Messaging > E-mail mailbox > Options > Add mailbox > Create manually.

The e-mail application requires an internet access point without a proxy. WAP access points normally include a proxy and do not work with the e-mail application.

You can write your e-mail message before connecting to the e-mail service; or connect to the service first, then write and send your e-mail.

  1. Select Menu > Messaging > Create message > E-mail message. If more than one e-mail account is defined, select the account from which you want to send the e-mail.
  2. Enter the recipient’s e-mail address, write the subject, and enter the message. To attach a file to the e-mail, select Options > Insert. To save your e-mail, select Options > Save message. To edit or continue writing your e-mail later, select As draft message.
  3. To send the e-mail message, select Send. To send an e-mail from a draft folder, select Menu > Messaging > Drafts and the desired message.

Download e-mail

  1. To download e-mail messages that have been sent to your e-mail account, select Menu > Messaging. If more than one e-mail account is defined, select the account from which you want to download the e-mail. The e-mail application only downloads e-mail headers at first.
  2. Select an e-mail and press Open to download the complete e-mail message.

Read and reply to e-mail

  1. Select Menu > Messaging the account name, and the desired message.
  2. To reply to an e-mail, select Options > Reply. Confirm or edit the e-mail address and subject, then write your reply.

To send the message, select Send.

To terminate the connection to your e-mailbox, select Options > Disconnect.

Important: Exercise caution when opening messages. E-mail messages may contain malicious software or otherwise be harmful to your device or PC.