How do I Use the integrated keyboard more effectively in my Nokia N810 Internet Tablet?

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet has an integrated keyboard. When the integrated keyboard is in use, the on-screen text input methods are disabled.

Below you can find a few tips and tricks for using the integrated keyboard of Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.

To enter text, press the keys on the keyboard.

To enter numbers, additional characters and common symbols, press Fn and the desired character key. To lock the Fn key, press it twice.

To enter accented letters, hold down Chr, and press a letter key repeatedly until the desired accented letter appears.

To preview all the available special characters, press Chr briefly.

To turn on the caps lock, press the Shift key twice.

The integrated keyboard layout can vary depending on the device sales region, but the keyboard can still provide two different text input languages at the same time. To switch between two keyboard layouts, press Chr and Ctrl simultaneously.

You can also use word completion and next word prediction features with the integrated keyboard. The word candidates are displayed on the lower edge of the touch screen. To enable word completion and word prediction, tap the Applications menu icon, and select  Settings > Control panel. > Text input settings > Languages > Settings.

To define the text input settings for the integrated keyboard, tap the Applications menu icon, and select Settings > Control panel > Text input settings > Hardware. Select the layout for the integrated keyboard in the list.

Global keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+C-Copy the selected content.
  • Ctrl+X-Cut the selected content.
  • Ctrl+V-Paste the copied or cut content.
  • Ctrl+A-Select all content.
  • Backspace key-Delete the selected content.
  • Ctrl+E-Start a broad search.

Application specific shortcuts. You can use the following shortcuts only if the corresponding command is included in the application menu:

  • Ctrl+Q-Close the currently open application, including all open windows.
  • Ctrl+W-Close the currently open window.
  • Ctrl+F-Find on page.
  • Ctrl+O-Open an image, file, sketch, or PDF document, for example.
  • Ctrl+S-Save a note, chat log, e-mail draft, or file, for example.
  • Ctrl+N-Create a new e-mail message, sketch or note; or open a new browser window, for example.
  • Ctrl+Y-Redo the last action.
  • Ctrl+Z-Undo the last action.
  • Ctrl+D-Add bookmark, forward e-mail message, for example.
  • Ctrl+L-Open www location, rotate image left, for example.
  • Ctrl+R-Reload the website, rotate image right, reply to e-mail message, refresh RSS feeds, for example.
  • Space- Play/pause audio/video files, image slideshow start/stop, for example.
  • 9-Original image size
  • 0-Fit image on screen
  • Ctrl+Return-Send e-mail message, for example.