How do I access and change the text message settings on my Nokia device?

Select Menu > Messaging > Options > Settings > Text message. Select from the following:

  • Message centres: Add or edit the text message centres on your device. There may be message centers already preset for your Nokia device by your service provider and you may not be able to change, create, edit, or remove them. Check the message centre configuration details with your service provider.
  • Message centre in use: Change (if this is allowed) which message centre to use to deliver text messages.
  • Character encoding: Select Full support to prevent automatic character conversion to another encoding system, or Reduced support to use conversion when available. 
  • Receive report: Select whether the service provider sends delivery reports after sending message (network service).
  • Message validity: Select how long the message centre resends your message if the first attempt fails (network service). When the time expires the message is deleted.
  • Message sent as: Select whether you text messages are sent as Text, Fax or Paging. Contact your service provider to learn if your message centre is able to convert text messages into these other formats. This option may vary on the devices and operators. 
  • Preferred connection: Select which connection type is used to send your text message.
  • Reply via same centre: To allow recipients of your text messages, who do not subscribe to a text message service, to reply using your message center, select Yes (network service).

Note: The message centre is the SMS centre operated by your service provider through which the text messages are sent. Check the message centre configuration details with your service provider.