FAQ - How can I edit the text message settings on my Nokia device?

Select Menu > Messaging > Options > Settings > Text message.

Select from the following:

  • Message centres — View the available message centers for your device.
  • Message centre in use — Select a message center to send the message.
  • Character encoding — Select Reduced support to use automatic character conversion to another encoding system when available.
  • Receive report — Select Yes if you want the network to send you delivery reports on your messages (network service).
  • Message validity — Select how long the message center resends your message if the first attempt fails (network service). If the recipient cannot be reached within the validity period, the message is deleted from the message center.
  • Message sent as — Convert the message to another format, such as Text, Fax, Paging or E-mail. Change this option only if you are sure that your message center is able to convert text messages into these other formats. Contact your network operator.
  • Preferred connection — Select the preferred method of connection when sending text messages from your device.
  • Reply via same centre — Select whether you want the reply message to be sent using the same text message center number (network service).