How do I change the display settings on my Nokia device?

Select Menu > Tools (or Settings) > Settings > General > Personalisation > Display.

Select from the following (the settings may vary depedning on your phone model):

  • Light sensor (or Brightness): Scroll left or right to adjust the light sensor that observes the lighting conditions and adjusts the brightness of the display. The light sensor may cause the display to flicker in low light.
  • Font size: Adjust the size of the text and icons on the display.
  • Power saver time-out: Select the time-out period after which the power saver is activated.
  • Welcome note / logo: The welcome note or logo is displayed briefly each time you switch on the device. Select Default to use the default image, Text to write a welcome note, or Image to select an image from Gallery.
  • Light time-out: Select a time-out after which the backlight of the display is switched off.

You can not adjust the light sensor when your device is in the power saving mode. For example, if you try to change the brightness of the display when the battery level is very low, the error Unable to change settings power save mode active is displayed. To recover, charge the battery before adjusting the brightness.