FAQ - How can I access the Web menu on my Nokia E65 device?

Select Menu > Web (network service).

Web is one of the two browsers in your device. With Web, you can browse regular Web sites. These pages use the extensible hypertext markup language (XHTML) or hypertext markup language (HTML). If you want to browse WAP pages, use Menu > Media > Services. Both of the browsers use their own bookmarks. The links in your received messages open in the Services browser.

Check the availability of services, pricing, and fees with your network operator or service provider. Service providers will also give you instructions on how to use their services.To browse the Web, you need to configure Internet access point settings. If you are using a data call or a GPRS connection, your wireless network must support data calls or GPRS, and the data service must be activated for your SIM card. Your device might have configured the Internet access point settings automatically based on your SIM card. If not, contact your service provider for the correct settings.

Tip: You may receive the Internet access point settings from your service provider as a special text message or from the network operator's or service provider's Web pages.

You can also enter the Internet access point settings manually.