How do I pair my Nokia device to other Bluetooth devices?

Select Menu > Connect. > Bluetooth, and scroll right to open the Paired devices page.

Before pairing, create your own passcode (1-16 digits), and agree with the user of the other device to use the same code. Devices that do not have a user interface have a fixed passcode. You need the passcode only when you connect the devices for the first time. After pairing, it is possible to authorize the connection. Pairing and authorizing the connection makes connecting quicker and easier, as you do not have to accept a connection between paired devices every time you establish the connection.

The passcode for remote SIM access must have 16 digits.

  1. Select Options > New paired device. The device starts to search for Bluetooth devices within range.Tip: If you have sent data using Bluetooth before, a list of the previous search results is displayed. To search for more Bluetooth devices, select More devices.
  2. Select the device with which you want to pair, and enter the passcode. The same passcode must be entered to the other device as well.
  3. Select Yes to make the connection between your device and the other device automatic or No to confirm the connection manually every time a connection attempt is made. After pairing, the device is saved to the paired devices page.

To give a nickname to a paired device that is only displayed in your device, scroll to the device with which you have paired, and select Options > Assign short name.

To delete a pairing, select the device whose pairing you want to delete and Options > Delete. To delete all pairings, select Options > Delete all.

Tip: If you are currently connected to a device and cancel the pairing with that device, pairing is removed immediately, and the connection is switched off.

Authorize a device

If you trust a paired device, you can allow it to connect automatically to your device. You can select from the following options:

  • Set as authorised (authorized)- Connections between your device and the other device can be made without your knowledge. No separate acceptance or authorization is needed. Use this status for your own devices, such as your compatible headset or PC, or devices that belong to someone you trust.
  • Set as unauthorised (authorized) - Connection requests from the other device must be accepted separately every time.