How do I set up and use a TTY/TDD device with my Nokia phone?

In addition to your phone, you will need the following for TTY/TDD communication:

  • A TTY/TDD device that is cellular ready or cellular compatible.
  • A cable for connecting the TTY/TDD to your phone, usually supplied by the manufacturer of the TTY/TDD device.

Set up the TTY/TDD profile

You can connect your phone directly to the TTY/TDD device. In order for your phone to recognize the TTY/TDD, you will need to set up the TTY/TDD profile.

Important: Some manufacturers of TTY/TDD devices suggest that the phone be least 18 inches from the TTY/TDD device. When connecting to any other device, read its user guide or contact its manufacturer for detailed instructions and safety information.

  1. Connect one end of the cable to the TTY/TDD device.
  2. Insert the other end of the cable into the headset jack on the bottom of the phone.
  3. At the Start screen, select Menu > Settings > Enhancement settings > TTY/TDD > Use TTY > Yes and press Select.
  1. At the Start screen, enter the number and press the Send key.
  2. When the receiving party answers, begin typing your conversation on the TTY/TDD.
  3. Press the End key to end the call.

Receive a call

  1. Make sure the TTY/TDD device is connected to your phone.
  2. Press the Send key to answer the call, and type your responses on the TTY/TDD.
  3. Press the End key to end the call.


Make a call