How do I connect to the Web browser on my Nokia Series 40 phone ?

Ensure that the correct configuration settings of the service are activated.

  1. Select Menu > Web > Settings > Configuration sett..
  2. Select Configuration. Only the configurations that support browsing service are shown. Select a service provider, Default, or Personal config. for browsing.
  3. Select Account and a browsing service account contained in the active configuration settings.
  4. Select Displ. term. window > Yes to perform manual user authentication for intranet connections.

Make a connection to the service in one of the following ways:

  • Select Menu > Web > Home; or in the standby mode, press and hold 0.
  • To select a bookmark of the service, select Menu > Web > Bookmarks.
  • To select the last URL, select Menu > Web > Last web addr..
  • To enter the address of the service, select Menu > Web > Go to address. Enter the address of the service, and select OK.