With the earpiece of headset facing you and the stem of headset pointing down, on top edge, closer to earpiece: micro-USB connector. Further away from earpiece: call key. Attached to earpiece: earpad. Optionally attached to earpiece: earloop. Below earpiece: NFC area. Below that: power switch. On bottom edge: microphone. On left edge: menu key. With the earpiece of headset facing away from you, from top to bottom at top: volume up area, battery indicator, volume down area.

1 - Earloop (optional)

2 - Call key

3 - Micro-USB connector

4 - Earpad

5 - Earpiece

6 - NFC area

7 - Power switch

8 - Microphone

9 - Volume down

10 - Battery indicator

11 - Volume up

12 - Menu key

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