Nokia Reaction Bluetooth Headset - Make and receive calls

Make sure your headset is on, and that your headset is a trusted device in your phone Bluetooth settings – so the headset connects to your phone automatically when needed.

Most features can be handled with the call key on your headset.

Make a call

Put the headset to your ear, then make a call in the normal way.

Answer a call

Put the headset to your ear.

If the headset is already in your ear, press .

End a call

Press .

Decline a call

Decline the call as you normally would on your phone.

If the headset is in your ear, press twice.

Mute or unmute a call

Press the menu key on the headset.

Switch a call from your phone to your headset

Put the headset to your ear.

Switch a call from your headset to your phone

Take the headset from your ear.

When no call is in progress, you can redial the number you last called or use your voice to make a call, if your phone supports these features with the headset.

Redial the last called number

Press twice.

Use voice dialing

Press and hold , then follow the instructions in the phone user guide.

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