Write text using the keyboard

Your device has a full keyboard.

Set the writing language

Select Options > Writing language and the desired language. To change the writing language, you can also press the function key, then the ctrl key.

Switch between number and letter mode

Press the function key repeatedly, until the symbol for the desired input method is displayed.

Lock number mode

Press the function key twice.

Unlock number mode

Press the function key.

Switch between the character cases

Press the shift key.

Insert numbers or characters printed at the upper right corner of keys

Press and hold the corresponding key.

Delete a character

Select Clear. You can also press the backspace key.

Insert special symbols

Press the symbol key, and select the desired symbol. To view more symbols, press the symbol key again.

Insert a new line

Press the enter key.

Insert a space

Press the space key.

Copy or cut text

Press and hold the shift key, and scroll to highlight the word, phrase, or line of text you want to copy or cut. Press and hold the ctrl key, and then press C (copy) or X (cut).

Paste text

Go to the desired location, press and hold the ctrl key, and then press V.