Learn how to set up a mail account, and how to send and receive mail.

About Mail

Select Menu > Messaging > Mail.

You can use your cell phone to read and send mail from your mail accounts from different mail service providers.

If you do not already have a mail account, you can create a Nokia account, which includes Nokia's Ovi Mail service. For more information, go to www.ovi.com. With your Nokia account, you can access all of Nokia's Ovi services.

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Sign in to a mail account

You can sign in to several mail accounts.

Select Menu > Messaging > Mail.

  1. Select your mail service provider.

  2. Enter your account user name and password.

  3. If you select Save password:, you do not need to enter your password every time you want to access your mail account.

  4. Select Sign in.

To sign in to an additional mail account, select Add account.

If you do not have a mail account, you can set up an account for Nokia's Ovi Mail.

Set up Ovi Mail

Select Ovi Mail > Create new address, and follow the instructions.

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Send a mail

Select Menu > Messaging > Mail and a mail account.

  1. Select Options > Compose new.

  2. Enter the recipient’s mail address and the subject, and write your message.

  3. To attach a file, for example, a picture, select Options > Attach > From Gallery.

  4. To take a picture to attach to the mail, select Options > Attach > From Camera.

  5. Select Send.

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Read and reply to mail

Select Menu > Messaging > Mail and a mail account.

  1. Select a mail.

  2. To reply to or forward a mail, select Options.

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