Learn how to chat with your friends.

About Chat

Select Menu > Messaging > Chat.

You can exchange instant messages with your friends. Chat is a network service.

You can leave the Chat application running in the background while you use other features of your device, and still be notified of new instant messages.

Using services or downloading content may cause transfer of large amounts of data, which may result in data traffic costs.

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Sign in to a chat service

Select Menu > Messaging > Chat.

Sign in to an existing IM account

  1. If several chat services are available, select the desired service.

  2. Sign in, and enter your account user name and password.

  3. Follow the instructions.

Use several chat services at the same time

  1. Select a chat service, and sign in.

  2. To switch between chat services, open the corresponding tab.

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Chat with your friends

Select Menu > Messaging > Chat.

You can sign in to and chat in several services at the same time. You must separately sign in to each service.

You can have ongoing conversations with several contacts at the same time.

  1. If several chat services are available, select the desired service.

  2. Sign in to the service.

  3. In your contacts list, select the contact you want to chat with.

  4. Write your message in the text box at the bottom of the display.

  5. Select Send.

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Hide the Chat application

Select Menu > Messaging > Chat.

Select Hide.

Your sessions remain active for a period of time, according to your service subscription. When the Chat application is running in the background, you can open other applications, and later return to Chat without signing in again.

Receive notifications of new messages when the application is hidden

  1. In the Chat main view, select Options > More > Settings.

  2. Select the desired notification types and Save.

Sign out from IM

Open the Chat application, and select Options > Exit > Sign out to close the service.

Select Options > Exit > Close to close the Chat application.

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