Learn how to listen to FM radio stations on your device.

About the FM radio

Select Menu > Music > Radio.

You can listen to FM radio stations using your device - just plug in a headset, and select a station!

To listen to the radio, you need to attach a compatible headset to the device. The headset acts as an antenna.

It is not possible to listen to the radio through a Bluetooth headset.

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Listen to the radio

Select Menu > Music > Radio.

Pause or resume playback

Select or .

Set the radio to play in the background

Briefly press the end key.

Close the radio

Press and hold the end key.

Tip: To listen to the radio using the headset or the loudspeaker, select Options > Settings > Play via and the desired option.

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Find and save radio stations

Search for your favorite radio stations, and save them, so you can easily listen to them later.

Select Menu > Music > Radio.

Search for the next available station

Select and hold or

Save a station

Select Options > Save station.

Automatically search for radio stations

Select Options > Search all stat..

Switch to a saved station

Select or .

Rename a station

Select Options > Stations

Select and hold the station, and from the pop-up menu, select Rename.

Tip: To access a station directly from the saved station list, press the number key that corresponds to the number of the station.

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Improve radio reception

If you activate RDS, the radio automatically switches to a frequency that has better reception.

Select Menu > Music > Radio.

  1. Select Options > Settings > RBDS > On.

  2. Select Auto-frequency > On.

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